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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buy Musician Stocks


Read an interesting article in Time, yes I'm one of the few who still subscribe to hard cover magazines. When flipping towards the back where the culture stuff is, ran across an interesting article my musician friends might appreciate. There's an online UK label called MMC (My Major Company), whose adopted the new style of financing called crowdsourcing. Similar to sites like Kickstarter, MMC essentially invites users to invest in its own artists to help make their respective albums. Then once finished, the split is as follows: 40% to investors, 40% to MMC, and the last 20% to the artist. This is a fantastic example of how the internet is giving back to musicians, and a creative way to truly include the consumer in that process. Love it, check MMC here. And spread the word.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wild Thing


I doubt the guy's clean, he's definitely hopped up. But I can somewhat understand, or maybe he's that persuasive, re: his frustration of people passing judgment on him, especially in the high stress and fast pace of a hit studio show. Not only is Two and a Half Men making CBS money hand over fists, but has boosted the network to television dominance, specifically through it's portfolio of multi-cam comedies. Either way, Charlie puts Mel and Christian to shame with his own Hollywood rant. One that will have rippling effects yet to be known.

Friday, February 18, 2011

MTV's Get Yourself Tested

So recently got brought on to consult for the new MTV GYT campaign, which stands for Get Yourself Tested, an effort to raise sexual health awareness. My job was to wrangle some tastemakers from Los Angeles, so I recruited friends Han Cholo, Bobby Hundreds, Lovemade, and Buff Monster. Day One, I pulled up and what do you know, the city taking down years worth of laced shoes off of the Rosewood power line..


MTV def filmed that, classic California snips. Just then, Bobby Hundreds rolls up in his super rare Delorean..


That's Lance Bangs, an amazing cinematographer. You might recognize that salt & pepper hair leaking underneath the visor from the Jackass franchise. Really nice guy..


He was busy filming Buff Monster actually painting my personal wall..


Below is photo by Amy Duran who came by..


The rest of the process can be found on Juxtapoz' Online Magazine. Great synergy with the MTV crew out from New York. Shout to my buddy Howard Grandison, my new brother on the other coast! Look out for the campaign dropping late March on the network in between your favorite reruns of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom 2!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fire Fingers

Had to share this video of this kid Araab Musik. A conductor/one-man-band. Watch.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Reel for 2011

Updated with some new works. Hope you dig.

DANNY LEE REEL from Danny Lee on Vimeo.